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"To Be, or Not To Be:  That is the Question..."

Had the recent BSA "gay vote" been in any way actually true, lawful, and valid, then transitioning into an alternative moral organization would be the only realistic choice for moral families wanting and/or needing to continue their scouting, and there have been at least ten (10) faith-based choices available for decades now, plus also there are four (4) new potentials working fast to build different BSA replacement versions.

Sadly, this new factionalization by conservative, moral scouters is already mirroring the issue of the 2008/2012 elections, i.e., moral conservatives are self-dividing into weaker factions again, threatening the very survival of traditional American scouting, let alone that these new efforts have simply not achieved the numbers they needed.

However, because this attempted "gay vote" violates express federal laws, violates a required core basic of all Contract Law, and was itself clearly an enormous act in both knowing and willful fraud, many might prefer to simply join a lawsuit and fix all that:

Churches and other groups are considering their moral alternatives.

We've already witnessed a small explosion of both, individual Christian churches, and entire Christian faith denominations, publicly renounce this gay vote as the reason to now break ties with Boy Scouts of America, ending sponsorships, facilities and all etc.

Since the original inception in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has always excluded those who were openly anti-Christian, atheists and homosexuals being the two most-often examples denied membership.  While maintaining an expressly Judeo-Christian organization, the Boy Scouts have also always remained non-denominational, which largely accounts for the widespread growth into millions for national membership, as even boys of families who do not attend church will still participate in the Boy Scouts.

Denominational alternatives include the Southern Baptist Royal Ambassadors, and Challengers for their teen boys, the Assemblies of God churches have their popular Royal Rangers, the Seventh-day Adventists use their (co-ed) Pathfinders, Roman Catholics and Knights of Columbus have Columbian Squires and Conquest Clubs, along with their Federation of North-American Explorers, the Nazarenes created their (co-ed) Caravan in 1946, and there exist small, local independent groups.  The three most major non-denominational Christian scouting orgs are Christian Service Brigade, the Salvation Army's Adventure Corps program, and the Calvinist Cadet Corps, plus there is a different, home-based ALERT Cadet program for father+son.

Although this new BSA open-gay policy does not take effect until January 1st, all loyal and trustworthy scouting supporters across the nation are scrambling fast for options on what else can be done right now.  On the 29th of June, the principals, affiliates and scouting leaders associated with OnMyHonor.net did gather and meet privately at an undisclosed location in Louisville, Kentucky in order to address all of these issues via a more formalized, physical setting, ostensibly to formulate the direct BSA replacement, and they are now working closely with Faith Based Boys, the brand new spinoff from the American Heritage Girls, the premiere moral alternative to Girl Scouts since '95.

Another new scouting alternative, this one specifically for Catholics, is the Scouts of St. George, which is purposefully seeking local priests to be the matching "Chaplain" of each Saint George Troop.  They appear to be growing from a small, loyal following.

The national, state, and local leaders of America's Party are trail-blazing a principled route with their new Young Minutemen of America, including a non-denominational Judeo-Christian perspective, and with a focused mission: to raise up solid citizens who thoroughly understand the foundational moral, constitutional, and political principles of our American republic.  They also intend to establish a program that emphasizes many of the traditional, practical outdoor skills, and personal physical abilities, that BSA has steadily moved away from.  See the next section to engage the weekly YMA input call.

Contribute your own personal knowledge and input into new org efforts.

OnMyHonor.net has recently launched an online forum for input to build and structure their new BSA replacement organization.  Interested people are widely discussing all of the aspects involved with creating, standardizing, and then populating that new entity.

Each ongoing Friday evening, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific), the Chairman of America's Party, Tom Hoefling, is hosting and moderating an interactive "townhall" call, to do the same regarding building Young Minutemen of America.  All of good will are welcome to join and contribute their input upon those items.  Call: 712-432-3566  Code: 340794#

Class Action Info Starts Here:

Unfortunately, none of these newest org-building efforts have gathered even remotely close to the numbers of people they need to actually launch and pull off their proposed nationwide replacement organization...  After several weeks since that BSA Grapevine, Texas gay vote event, none of these new efforts have been even able to pull into their respective active discussion forums even a mere 10% of the numbers they claimed on board several weeks ago... let alone the bigger picture of needing literally hundreds of thousands of interconnected people across this entire nation, if they are actually going to do something that even begins to draw attention from the normal family with sons, i.e., potential scouters.  The hard fact and reality is that most scouters are picking one of two reactions - either just walking away from scouting altogether, tired of the whole mess and not even wanting to be near all the politics and strife or (also) because their scouting days were close to completing their last desired rank already.., and/or taking the "wait and see" approach, because they are far too busy with personal lives to care enough, sadly, nor gamble their own time with any new, questionably-chanced efforts.

And then, there's the incredible amounts of money that are unavoidable in literally any trying to recreate a truly nationwide organization that actually incorporates reasonably equivalent fullness of real youth activities, uniforms, awards, programs, and so forth...

The fact of the matter is, IF any of these new org-building efforts eventually succeeds, it sadly appears that may not happen yet for some unknown years to come, and even at that, the very idea means automatic expectation of enormous amounts of time and money being invested by all the original volunteers, i.e., any person already stepping up to the plate in any of these new org-building efforts will have to seriously consider investing at least dozens of their own personal hours (if not hundreds of hours), just to get things kicked off in their own locale, let alone a significant amount of personal financial investment, one way or another... and, most people are sadly not willing (or are unable) to do that.  Simply put, the "wait and see" effect was fatal to new efforts, and meanwhile, millions of American boys will be without available moral alternatives.

Fortunately, it will only take a mere several hundred people, and only a mere several thousand dollars in total, to file the federal class action lawsuit described below, and just promptly fix the whole situation for everyone everywhere, by ousting the poison executives and restoring the entire Boy Scouts of America organization back to prior standards.  The class action legal claims to be used are overwhelmingly self-evident:

To allow gays into Boy Scouts would first require an Act of Congress...

... literally.  The Boy Scouts of America is not just any organization.  The BSA is one of ninety-four (94) very special U.S. organizations, as having been particularly selected, and then officially chartered, by Congress to represent the highest and most authentic patriotic spirit of America.  Out of millions of organizations throughout America, these 94 were specifically codified into law by Congress as the official "Patriotic and National Organizations" of the United States, each also having a specifically-mandated purpose.

Title 36 of the United States Code, Subtitle II, Part B includes one full Chapter of laws enacted for each of these 94 official U.S. patriotic organizations.  Congress expressly reserved all rights and powers over any alterations or amendments to most of these special 94 entities, including over the Boy Scouts of America - whose federal charter is codified under the eight statutes of Chapter 309, including the official BSA purposes:

The purposes of the corporation are to promote, through organization, and cooperation with other agencies, the ability of boys to do things for themselves and others, to train them in scoutcraft, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues, using the methods that were in common use by boy scouts on June 15, 1916.

That final mandated legal parameter refers to "the methods that were in common use" during the time of the Second Edition of the official Boy Scouts Handbook, along with other official BSA printed materials like magazines Boys' Life and Scouting, and also including the many official BSA pamphlets, official BSA diaries, official BSA song books, and so much more.  See an impressive number of 1910-1919 printed examples here.

The obvious point, of course, is that... on June 15, 1916..., some of these official BSA materials specifically and expressly instructed, directed, and guided Boy Scouts in the respect, knowledge, and usage of Judeo-Christian principles, in continual study of the Holy Bible, and in reliance upon the Almighty Judeo-Christian God thereof, as normal "methods" in very "common use" within all scouting, not to even mention that literally every scouting group meeting, activity and event would kick off by a Christian prayer.

However, guess what was not "common" within any aspect of scouting in 1916?  That would be, of course, any allowance or condoning of homosexuals within the scouting ranks, since clearly that lifestyle is absolutely incompatible with Boy Scouts principles.

Don't kid yourself - there is a reason why that last time-stamp clause was included: precisely to maintain those standards and methods into perpetuity.  Congress could have easily just stopped at the words "kindred virtues" and left it at that...  They did not, however, and the specific legal reason is and was (and still is..) to enforce those standards and methods being used forevermore.  That last clause is still-binding law, and don't mistake who's in charge: BSA must report yearly to its master, Congress.

Simply put, the recent "vote" was legally nothing more than a "premature wet dream" by the BSA execs, because only Congress has the power to implement such a radical and fundamental change to the statutory requirement of the organization's purposes, and while fully-federal programs often allow homosexuality, the BSA is no such thing, the official BSA purposes are law, plus the U.S. Supreme Court already denied these same homosexual-wannabe-Boy-Scout issues, in BSA v. Dale, 530 U.S. 640 (2000), the same year that 24 Republicans and Democrats formed the still-active, bipartisan Congressional Scouting Caucus, precisely to stand firm against the homosexuals.

Can the homosexuals ever convince Congress to change these federal statutes, and allow them openly into the Boy Scouts of America?  Well, they can try...  But, that's the point - to make that happen, it actually, literally requires an Act of Congress...

The BSA gay vote also violates basic requirements of Contract Law.

One of the most basic premises of all Contract Law is that any proposed amendment to a contract that would fundamentally change that same contract's original design intent and/or purposes is (by definition) a null and void attempt, worthless and completely unenforceable, of absolutely no true legal effect, whatever.  That is this BSA situation.

The 1916 federal charter for the Boy Scouts is a contract...  It provides "consideration" like exclusive usage rights to words, phrases, emblems, insignia, and so forth, as long as the BSA fulfills its "performances" like promoting, training, and teaching the things specified within the official organizational purposes, properly governing the BSA body per those corresponding powers and duties statutes, and so forth.  Consideration and performance together between two or more parties creates a legally-binding contract.

Because the "gay vote" proposal trying to amend the BSA membership parameters is so wildly in direct conflict with the BSA core principles, the number of contractual law devices available to slam said "vote" into the dust are many, including frustration of purpose, impossibility, unconscionability, deviation, fundamental breach, and promissory estoppel, to name just a few.  This "gay vote" was illegal, and it is void, worthless and completely unenforceable, of absolutely no true legal effect, whatever.

Additionally, every individual boy scout, every BSA leader, every BSA den, troop, and pack, every sponsoring church and all other direct participants of the Boy Scouts have legally-binding rights of "reasonable expectation" to continued enforcement of core BSA principles, of course.  In this situation that includes the two key BSA components of Faith Traditions and Healthy Living - neither of which can allow homosexuals.

The modern BSA official Faith Traditions webpage acknowledges "all major faiths" and directs scouts to use their "moral compass" in daily life, since "key tenets" of Scouting include duty to God.  However, obviously, not a single "major faith" on Earth condones homosexuality as an accepted practice.  Indeed, every major faith around the world is expressly against homosexuality, precisely because it is incompatible with their faith...

Similarly, the official Healthy Living webpage speaks of "physical wellness" and "safety programs" in order to emphasize "the value of healthy living habits."  However, reality reminds that homosexuality is neither healthy nor safe.  Sexually-transmitted diseases permeate like plagues within that perverse community, any breakdowns of the body's immune systems are typically fatal, and life itself can become a constant, 24-hr battle about contagion, exposure, and limiting physical contact with other humans.  As if not enough danger already, the very serious threat of sexual abuses and/or molestations upon innocent boys literally explodes right off the Richter scale, once you begin to just willingly allow the scheming foxes to freely stroll right on into the awaiting henhouses.

And then also, homosexuality is in direct conflict with quite a number of requirements written within each, the Scout Oath, and the Scout Law, plus it also violates each of the essences written within the simpler pair, the Scout Motto and the Scout Slogan, while every level of Boy Scouts has an official Handbook, to reinforce all of that again.

Simply put, there are numerous devices under Contract Law to completely smash this BSA gay vote into proverbial pieces and hit it so hard that it will never be heard again.

Moreover, the supposed "vote" itself was clearly a huge *double* fraud.

The official BSA National Executive Committee issued a statement after the gay vote, reporting that roughly 1,400 voting members of the Boy Scouts of America's National Council approved this "resolution" to start allowing homosexuals into the membership, and it was widely reported by mainstream media that about 60% of these votes were cast in favor of allowing gays in (yet, very interestingly, most media sources reported "more than" 60%, while other media sources reported "nearly" [under] 60%, yet on the next day... BSA officially reported an exact crowd of 1232, with a supposed 757 votes for gays, which is 61.4% of the vote).  Interesting how all these figures differ...

Regardless, this is conclusively impossible, and the real number could not have been anywhere even remotely close to 60% in pro-gay votes...  For starters, every person who is still mentally sane must remember that over the years, there has really never been any social debate or question about the self-evident fact that the overwhelming vast majority of Scouting leaders oppose allowing gays openly into membership; Had their been even an actual mere 3%-5%, let alone a relatively huge 10%, of Scouting leaders across the nation who actually supported allowing gays into the membership, then - by now - you would have surely seen, read, or heard about these 'numerous' exceptions, precisely because the liberal LGBT-loving mainstream media would have surely been heavily touting all these 'numerous' stories about supposed 'numerous' pro-gay Scouting leaders, in order to have already transformed Boy Scouts long ago.

And, that is even allowing for any levels of BSA "leaders" to be quoted, and used, by mainstream media.  Plus, if there's one thing you know for sure, these (rarely-found) Boy Scout leaders, whom are discovered to actually support letting gays in, are also typically two things: (1) such an "off" person is usually eager to share their immoral perspective, especially if it gets them into the news..; and, (2) such rare persons are almost always just a mere local leader, and nowhere near the upper echelons of Boy Scout power and authority.  Yet, over all of these years, the mainstream media have rarely ever been able to find and promote any such people in the news... even when they could have located and interviewed from any level of leadership, even from the much more numerous, mere local leaders out there - because they just do not exist, in general anywhere, at least nothing more than a single-digit percentage, at most.

But, these members who did the actual voting were not just any random collection from local BSA leaders scattered across the nation.  They weren't even higher level leaders of local units, or of any district or regional units, or any other sub-area unit.

These voters are all National Council members, the serious kind of men that have remained extremely active within Scouting for, on average, between 20 to 50 years apiece.  These very special national-level leaders have all typically been in Scouting since they were children themselves, then stayed active into their adult lives, even during their own sons and nephews progressing through Boy Scouts, and others of them even further and longer, until their own grandsons and grand-nephews have likewise followed suit.  In other words, these National Council voting members have all, by and large in vast majority, been well experienced in the principles of Scouting for decades now, and surely almost all of them are still firmly grounded in the moral and spiritual foundations that helped get them where they are today - typically also being successful businessmen, and likewise often also active and successful in their respective churches, too.  These very special kind of leaders got their own Scouting foundations for life, and their worldview, from the "ancient" days of Scouting, when there was not even the remotest hint of any question in someday actually allowing homosexuals into their boy-training-specific organization...  Even IF you account for rare odd failures of integrity and morality, and then double that because of possibly succumbing to media and perceived peer pressures, etc., you should still be very highly surprised to find that even 3%-5% of these very special, highly experienced, and long-experienced "pillars" of the entire national Scouting program would ever actually vote to allow homosexuals into the BSA - where their own sons, nephews, grandsons, and grand-nephews would be then directly subjected to such perversion upon the very same privileged organization that they, themselves, had always been living and sacrificing much of their entire adult lives in dedication and support for...

It just did NOT happen.  There was NEVER any pro-gay "vote" results even remotely approaching 10% or 20%, let alone even double that, let alone well over half of the entire National Council vote at a supposed 60%....  It is impossible, and the falsified report of this secret vote is clearly an utter sham, a bold-faced lie, an obvious fraud.

Wanna go even deeper down the rabbit hole??  Consider this:  By definition, every single one of these rarer BSA national leaders, including all of the current Executive Committee members who staged this illegal monstrosity, plus each actual National Council member who did cast a pro-gay vote (if any few such there actually were), cannot possibly be valid members of the Boy Scouts still in good standing, after directly rebelling against core principles, hence all pro-gay votes are also invalid.

Let's not forget that each and every National Council member who voted should be well expected to act at least in full-fledged accordance with written requirements of the Scoutmaster Handbook, right?  And, since that requires obeying the Scout Oath and Scout Law, both incompatible with homosexuality, then the very acts of casting votes to allow gays openly into the BSA were clearly acts of betraying the Scouting requirements, and so, the fact is, any and all such votes cannot possibly be valid.

In any case the point is that this clearly-corrupted National Executive Committee had pre-ordained the "win" for the homosexual community and the media, and that "win" necessarily had to be "safely" at a margin well above the half-way point (50%), duh, yet not so high as to cause people to quickly balk and revolt, so apparently the figure of roughly 60% was deemed the hopefully-palatable lie to be swallowed, especially if they also sent private security guards to fraudulently block the distribution of printed oppositional (pro-traditional-policy) literature to the voting members of the National Council staying at the resort hotel, plus also pre-arranged said vote to be performed by secret balloting - so that nobody could even guess what everyone generally voted for... so they could "report" whatever they wanted to...  Make no mistake: they lied, they had already planned to lie, but they didn't quite get their lies straight with each other, which is precisely the reason why the official BSA reports didn't even jive with each other, and why there were seriously conflicting numbers reported in the media.

Further, criminal charges are possible against certain Boy Scout execs.

Speaking only in regards to those members of the National Executive Committee (i.e., not unto the entire larger National Executive Board), which same Committee is wholly responsible for the "full review" it supposedly performed over these issues, yet still perpetrating this clearly unlawful, attempted end-run around Congress' authority, knowingly in violation of their federal charter and federally-mandated purposes, with pre-meditated acts of fraud upon their own membership, their own leadership, citizens everywhere (and literally all of America), those same Executive Committee members are fully and easily liable for numerous criminal prosecutions, and huge civil damages.

And, the above epic frauds are not the only things we're talking about here...  There's also a couple thousand criminal counts of wire and/or mail fraud - state and federal - for daring to transmit invitations as part of any rigged schemes to defraud, plus then, there's also an entire litany of state and federal charges applicable for attempting to incite, and/or recklessly induce, a virtually guaranteed result of increased numbers of illicit sexual acts upon minors within BSA activities, i.e., various unlawful sexual acts involving minors.  Even if that's only two or more homosexual boys by themselves, it still directly implicates and violates the Boy Scouts, and it is still criminal even if only one (1) minor child is involved per incident.  Any sexualization of children is always a criminal offense, and these nefarious men are easily guilty of conspiracies to commit, incite, and/or induce many thousands of sexual batteries of minors, sexual assault of minors, child molestations, sex trafficking, human trafficking, and so forth and so on.

The actual national headquarters are in Irving, Texas, just barely on the eastern side of the county line between the Dallas-Ft.Worth metro area, while the actual gay vote was done at a nice, nearby resort in Grapevine, Texas, another suburb, but which is located just on the western side of that county line.  Hence, local jurisdiction is most likely shared evenly between both Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins (Dallas side, Irving BSA headquarters) and Tarrant County District Attorney Joe Shannon (Fort Worth side, Grapevine meeting/voting).  Naturally, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott also has jurisdiction over all state crimes committed, while all federal charges fall under the prosecutions by the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, Sarah R. Saldaņa, who leads four staffed offices with nearly 220 employees, including approximately 100 attorneys who can prosecute these crimes.

But yet, we still haven't mentioned the equally huge question of why the Boy Scouts of America, who reported total 2011 assets of over one billion dollars (see page 2, Line 20 on their 2011 IRS Form 990), have also reported aggregate business losses totaling over $100 million since 2008, while paying some of these same "volunteer" executives handsome salaries of up to one half million dollars each (when BSA execs already know their federal charter specifically forbids any member from earning a payment in profit from the BSA organization...), and when, during the same recent years, for some unexplained reason, dozens upon dozens of suspicious international financial transfers have been siphoning off huge amounts, of roughly $100k, $200k, $400k, $800k, $1m, and even $2m, from the BSA national cash treasury (all these have been full cash transfers) into vaguely-cryptic foreign "investment" accounts in communist China, money-laundering haven Cayman Islands, and other such foreign partnerships entered into, as seen upon the BSA 2011 IRS Form 990-T.  Sure, BSA has a Direct Service program, in addition to three overseas Councils, but all of those are just for U.S. citizens and their dependents living abroad to participate within U.S. created-and-controlled Scouting programs, i.e., relatively rare...  And further, these foreign units are required to raise their own monies for any and all special programs, equipment, and service projects.  Inquiring minds need to know details about these recent dozens of financial transfers to engage within all kinds of foreign "investment partnerships" with very large sums of cash, as there may be many violations of law.

Regardless, these two-dozenish bad men of the National Executive Committee clearly are guilty of the highest frauds being committed to willfully and directly sabotage the Boy Scouts entrusted under their "leadership" to protect, and clearly guilty of willful and direct conspiracy to endanger and harm innocent, minor boys by the thousands.

Civil claims by over 3.6 million youth and adult BSA members, plus by over 100,000 BSA "Units" across America, could not only include the civil components of the above many crimes, but also claims for gross mismanagement, gross derelictions of duties, emotional distress and/or pain and suffering, and the list goes on... i.e., many, many millions in civil damages, easily wiping out the combined fortunes of all two-dozenish of these nefarious, corrupt men, but that's justice for totally reckless endangerment.

Adults connected to BSA may register for this federal class action lawsuit:

If you are an adult U.S. citizen, 18 years of age or older, you may register as another fellow co-Plaintiff in the proposed federal class action to be filed in the Dallas Division of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, against the national Boy Scouts of America corporation, and against its National Executive Committee and each individual officer thereof, if you qualify under any one or more of these criteria:

REGISTRATION IS LIMITED to the first 1076 qualifying persons signed up nationwide, using a per-State (Commonwealth, or DC) limit of double (2X) the number of current presidential electoral votes for that given State, Commonwealth, or DC.  For example, the least electoral votes (3) are with DC and with seven of the least-populated States, so the first six (6) qualifying persons from each of those will make the cut-off.  Texas, for one of the largest examples, has 38 electoral votes, so double that means the first seventy-six (76) qualifying persons in Texas.  An electoral list is here, but double that number for each, and so those special 1076 people will be able to join and become the Association of True Scouting Friends, for simplifying the legal processes of this lawsuit, and representing all "Class" members within the eight (8) categories described above.

Refer above to the various webpage sections for general descriptions of several types of civil grounds ("causes of action") available for inclusion and use within federal class action lawsuit.  Relief demanded from the federal court shall include the following:

Further relief demanded, by majority vote of the registrants, may well also include:

Assuming that majority vote patterns of these relief options will be readily obvious by the time the first 200-250 registrants have signed up, the full set of all court relief to be demanded in suit will be then finalized for direct uses in preparation of the federal complaint package, in order to expedite the process, and to inform all the registrants for transparency's sake, and at which same finalization point the one-time, ten dollar ($10) "dues" donation will be requested from each registrant that desires to proceed forward as an official member of the Assocation of True Scouting Friends, in order to cover the expenses of suit, provide weekly status conference calls to/with the entire Association, required background administration, expenses for multiple press release distributions, and so forth and so on.  Full details shall be provided to each registrant, again, for transparency's sake, so that he/she can make an informed "dues" decision, while the breakdown of total expenses will basically end up like this overview shows.

The full federal litigation package will be completed and filed within thirty (30) days of reaching 50% of the maximum number of 1076 qualified BSA-connected adults signed up and then further registered into the second/final step with dues tendered for joining the Association, but one week before the case is filed in the Dallas federal courthouse, the registration form below will be closed.  As the maximum limit for each given State (Commonwealth, or DC) is reached, that statename will be pulled from the options on the form below, and alert posted clearly here [as of 10/15/13]:  N/A yet, still new, but twenty-seven States are represented already, many of those with multiple registrants.


The author of this webpage is a non-denominational, born-again Christian man, now in his 50s, who was himself a Cub Scout through Webelos Scout, then traded Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader roles back and forth while his son's large den of 15-ish boys went through their similar years, and still values the national importance of scouting.

For the past 15+ years, the author has been a constitutional law scholar and litigator, assisting clients in the courts of 30 some States, top to bottom, in some 2/3rds of the nation's 90 federal court Districts, in all 11 of the numbered federal Courts of Appeal, and in the U.S. Supreme Court several times on constitutional issues from either state or federal courts, presently there again on the right to jury trial in real estate disputes.