The Economic Truth About Abortion-On-Demand:

FACT: Continual, unnaturally-elevated losses from any industrialized population's birth rate will eventually destroy the entire economic fabric of that same nation and society.

And, it is NOT just the backers of this lawsuit that understand this basic core economic truth, but this important fact has been routinely agreed upon by numerous individuals and organizations - both faith based and secular - as well as by both mainstream and independent media, plus even by official acknowledgements of our own governments, and not even to yet mention by formal conclusions of both the Protestant and Catholic churches across America, naturally.  Indeed, other nations are already recognizing the problem, even beginning to also implement directly and/or indirectly related programs.

You see, the simple, cold, hard fact is that millions of abortions also equals millions of (missing) consumers not consuming, millions of (missing) taxpayers not paying taxes, millions of (missing) workers not producing new goods and material wealth, and all of that stuff, plus it also royally screwed up the core mathematics behind all insurances, pensions, securities, entitlement programs (Social Security, etc.), and all of that stuff.

Here is just a SMALL sampling of scholarly news items and articles upon the subject:

Indeed, a simple Google search using "population abortion economy trillion" yields well over four million hits, which means LOTS of people understand this BIG problem.

There can be no doubt that unnatural loss of birth rate directly destroys the economy, and that is why this nation can no longer allow any abortion-on-demand, whatsoever, nor sponsor or compel any contraception or sterilization in any form (including via any insurance plans or similar methods), nor use any taxdollars to fund any of these, yet a private individual may still privately purchase and utilize contraception or sterilization.

Spread The Word - Far And Wide!!!

We've also forever pulverized ObamaCare into the dust, slam-dunked the end of the impostor Obama, plus a couple other biggies, with equally hard-hitting legal force in those respective filings of this solid case, and, after months of legal proceedings, and with ALL of the Defendants way too scared to even answer or defend (except for mere Appearances of defense counsel filed), the federal court was shocked by the real law, i.e., trapped between a rock and a hard place, stone cold turkey exposed... and so the federal judge actually fabricated fictitious papers, trying to bury this case into silence.

But, making up and then also "granting" a completely falsified "motion to dismiss" that never existed at all simply won't work in the now-pending appeals process.  In fact, it was a blatant act of high treason, more than enough for impeachment and removal...

Will you help spread the word?  If enough truth-loving Americans learn of these simple things, it will finally be all over for Obama and his entire history of equally-invalid acts.

Simply repost this webpage, and/or any other pages on this website, out onto all your groups and friends on social networks, the 'Twitterverse' if you Tweet, plus everything else you can do right now - TODAY - to hold Congress accountable, and save America!

For the past 15+ years, the author has been a constitutional law scholar and litigator, assisting clients in the courts of 30 some States, top to bottom, in some 2/3rds of the nation's 90 federal court Districts, in all 11 of the numbered federal Courts of Appeal, and in the U.S. Supreme Court several times on constitutional issues from either state or federal courts, presently there again on the right to jury trial in real estate disputes.