12th Amendment Requires "Redo" Election For White House

Federal lawsuit demands:  Goodbye Obama AND Biden.., Hello short-term, temporary pair of Acting President Boehner and Acting Vice-President Leahy, as the next two (2) actually valid people in line, while our nation conducts its new election in 4-6 months.

And, there is no need for concern about our White House having a President and Vice-President merged from each of the two most dominant political parties, because that's precisely how the Founding Fathers purposefully designed and fully implemented the results to frequently and often be, at least a solid one-half of the time - if not perhaps as much as two-thirds of the time.  Such often-merged results were part of the plan by our Founders to maintain balance, harmony, and strong check on Executive excess.

Over the history of America, there have been three (3) different methods for selecting our President and Vice-President:  two lawful systems, and the illegal modern process, which is simply 100+ years of failing to obey the requirements of that second system.

Our rock-solid Petition to Strike Down the 12th Amendment is clear in explaining these two (2) lawful selection processes, the Founding Fathers' original design method (best), and the post-12th Amendment system (adequate), versus the modern process (flatly unlawful and incompetent).  In short, "running mates" are simply NOT allowed, were never allowed under either of the two lawful selection systems, and is the exact reason why the modern system is flatly unconstitutional, and why both "elections" for Obama and Biden are void, constitutionally void, just the same as every other single modern election, for President and Vice-President, has been done in absolute violation of the 12th Amendment, and is also void:  they cannot be paired into the same ballot.

Any given party's candidates for President and Vice-President may freely go onto the road together, they may campaign for each other, and they may well be promoted in full public view as the combination White House pair preferred by that political party, but they cannot be actually placed as a pre-merged pair onto the very same ballot.

In other words, for the 2012 election, Vice-Presidential candidates Biden, Ryan, Ellis, Gray, Clymer, Honkala and others were all supposed to be separately balloted from any candidates running for the office of President.  For the 2008 election, candidates Biden, Palin, Gonzalez, Root, Castle, and others were also supposed to be separately balloted apart from all candidates for President, independently vying for the VP spot.

Your right to vote for any combination of President and Vice-President for our White House, as your personally preferred hopeful pair, regardless of their political parties, is exactly what the 12th Amendment established, protected, and still requires today.

Moreover, poison was introduced into our governing system by the enactment of the 12th Amendment in 1804 (and then, especially with that law actually obeyed only for the next handful of decades).  The Founders' original design and the second selection system of our President and Vice-President under the 12th Amendment both always maintained that balancing/controlling factor of having separately balloted candidates for those two White House offices.  But, after not even obeying the 12th Amendment routinely (from circa the time that the Republican Party was formed in the 1850s, or very shortly thereafter), that soon grew into the modern, totally unlawful system of just ignoring the 12th altogether, and pairing up Prez and VP candidates onto single ballots - directly in violation of the 12th Amendment, which has forced people to vote for PARTIES ever since.., instead of voting for the actual principles, merits, skills, and so forth of given individual candidates.  It all goes right back to not obeying the 12th Amendment.  In fact, in one way or another, almost all of the present-day corruption can somehow be traced back to the introduction of the 12th Amendment, which itself was an inadequate and unnecessary replacement of the Founding Fathers' originally implemented design process for the selections of our Presidents and Vice-Presidents.

And, please don't argue that the 12th Amendment is "only talking about the Electors, themselves" because that is irrelevant.  Not only do most States use the popular vote results to determine/select those Electors directly, plus you cannot just have Electors guessing (arbitrarily making up) different vote totals themselves, but the very notion of pairing up "running mates" onto single ballots instantly renders roughly half of the 12th Amendment's entire language text totally meaningless and worthless.  The 12th Amendment is what originally started the "lesser of two evils" system that still harms us today... and not even obeying it quickly made all of that much worse, so that now, you vote for lesser corruption of one of two controlling yin/yan parties, as opposed to your actual right to freely vote for different parties' candidates upon their own merit.

Of course, Obama is already void for ineligibility himself, but the point here is that both Obama and Biden are void and invalid, because the elections themselves were and are void.  Therefore, because both Obama and Biden are out, the next person in line is the current Speaker of the House and so John Boehner (R-OH) becomes Acting President, and the current President pro tempore of the Senate, Patrick Leahy (D-VT), becomes the Acting Vice-President - while the nation awaits the replacement election.

If the Federal Government refuses to enforce the mandatory requirements of the 12th Amendment, then the 12th Amendment has become and is meaningless, and must be now struck down, therefore reverting America back unto the original selection process for President and Vice-President.  Either way, whether keeping and actually enforcing the 12th Amendment, or striking it down, a "redo" election for those two White House top spots must be done asap - where every candidate is on their own separate ballot.

Spread The Word - Far And Wide!!!

We've also forever pulverized ObamaCare into the dust, slam-dunked the end of all abortion-on-demand, plus a couple other biggies, with equally hard-hitting legal force in those respective filings of this big case, and, after months of legal proceedings, and with ALL of the Defendants way too scared to even answer or defend (except for mere Appearances of defense counsel filed), the federal court was shocked by the real law, i.e., trapped between a rock and a hard place, stone cold turkey exposed... and so the federal judge actually fabricated fictitious papers, trying to bury this case into silence.

But, making up and then also "granting" a completely falsified "motion to dismiss" that never existed at all simply won't work in the now-pending appeals process.  In fact, it was a blatant act of high treason, more than enough for impeachment and removal...

Will you help spread the word?  If enough truth-loving Americans learn of these simple things, it will finally be all over for Obama and his entire history of equally-invalid acts.

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For the past 15+ years, the author has been a constitutional law scholar and litigator, assisting clients in the courts of 30 some States, top to bottom, in some 2/3rds of the nation's 90 federal court Districts, in all 11 of the numbered federal Courts of Appeal, and in the U.S. Supreme Court several times on constitutional issues from either state or federal courts, presently there again on the right to jury trial in real estate disputes.