The overall projection of total expenses for this class action lawsuit is only into the mere several thousands of dollars (infinitely less than the either hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars that would/will be needed to actually create a brand new, nationwide organization...), and the general breakdown of that several thousands of dollars in total expenses for this lawsuit is as follows, in chronological order of need:
NOTE:  The minimum needed and maximum possible numbers of forward-proceeding members paying their $10 dues share into the expenses pool is from 538 people (one full “electoral vote” set) up to 1076 (two full “electoral vote” sets), but the reality expected from that 1076 voting registrants to follow through on dues and joining the Association formally is anywhere between 700 and 900 of them, give or take, but upon the lesser half of that range for sooner than later filing in court, so @ $10 each, that is roughly $7000 to $8000 or so to be expected in total shares coming in timely total.
-- [FEE “A”] the PayPal processing fees on each $10 “dues” donation made will be 2.9% + .30, or .59 total fee per each $10 donation, so for 700 such dues donations raising $7000, for example, that total of losses in processing fees adds up to $413 expended for the fundraising itself.
-- [FEE “B”] the federal court filing fee that must be paid in exact cash amount to the counter clerk at the Dallas federal courthouse is $400, plus a reasonable $100 allotment for paid parking and gas for travel expenses from somewhere in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metro area, for up to 2 vehicles of one or more people each, to handle the court filing process on that given day, for a grand total of $500 allotted for the actual court filing day.
-- [FEE “C”] one hundred dollars ($100) will be allotted for filling out the paperwork, gas expenses, postage, and paying the $25 state fee, for 2 or 3 Texans somewhere in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, in forming the “nonprofit cooperative association” we need for this class action lawsuit, using Form 202, i.e., the relatively easy, minimal paperwork and fee required to create the Association of True Scouting Friends under Texas law, in order to have that simplified legal entity up and running legally, to properly sue the Boy Scouts of America there in a Texas federal court, so as to absolutely prevent any questions or challenges on jurisdictional or legal standing issues, and to be able to keep registered Plaintiffs’ individual names pretty much out of all the regular legal paperwork, for privacy concerns, as well as for saving tons of money and time for all legal parties and the court involved.  See here for the Texas SOS business filings fee schedules:
-- [FEE “D”] an allotment of $1000 for using approximately one dozen of the top paid press release distribution services, plus naturally using another dozen or more top free press release distribution services.  Review an assortment of such services via this pre-configured Google link:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.dmg&fp=3880097c80e26633&biw=1340&bih=897&pf=p&pdl=300
-- [FEE “E”] an allotment of $3000 for services rendered in all of the research and administration required to create and handle this entire project, for developing and drafting the entire federal class action lawsuit package for filing, for assisting the selected couple/few Texans in filing the above nonprofit cooperative association paperwork, for processing and guiding all registrants and lead co-plaintiffs with social networking forums and with regular teleconference status/Q&A calls, for performing the 2-3 dozen various paid and free press release distribution services, for also covering the minor expenses of miscellaneous internet and other electronic services involved in this overall project, and for other related tasks and actions.
-- [FEE “F”] an allotment of $1000 to cover the expenses of physically producing the entire legal paperwork package for the federal class action lawsuit, including printing, copying, and proper assembly of the roughly thirty (30) copies of every single document to be filed, due to the fact of having approximately two dozen individual/personal Defendants (all current officers of the BSA National Executive Committee), in addition to the Boy Scouts of America corporate Defendant, itself, plus the court’s copies, and the Association of True Scouting Friends’ copies for the record.  This allotment covers all paper, all ink, and all assembly services, including comb bindings to be done across (30 copies of) certain documents, and then to package and mail the entire set, insured, of all copies of all court documents, to those same couple/few selected Texans, for filing.
-- [FEE “G”] one token allotment of $500 to pay those same couple/few Texans for their combined time spent in physically handling the different paperwork and related communications (for forming the nonprofit Association under state law, and for getting the new case filed in federal court), or these same couple/few selected Texans may optionally choose to donate/forward that token reimbursement into the pool for Fee “H” below.
-- [FEE “H”] all remaining monies from Association dues earmarked for bringing an appropriate, trusted, skilled and aggressive Texan attorney into the newly filed case, for watching over it on behalf of the Association, focusing first upon obtaining the appropriate injunction against BSA’s new membership policy, and for most likely doing the negotiating over what is full expected to be a quick settlement out of court (because, make no mistake, neither those particular BSA executives themselves, nor the larger Board itself, nor the homosexual agenda powers behind the scenes, will want this lawsuit and the heavily-embarrassing issues contained therein, to go public anymore than it has to, and they will certainly and promptly prefer to settle out of court and keep things relatively quiet, as much as they can... believe that).  If total Association dues from 700 participants raises $7000, then the remainder so far will be an initial retainer of $500, but if 800 (out of 1076 potential) participants raises $8000, then that remainder will be an initial retainer of $1500, and so forth, up to about $3500 for an initial retainer, if we manage to get almost two full “electoral vote” sets of participants (almost all 1076 potentials involved).  If even later deemed necessary and/or prudent after the new case is filed and announced to the world through press releases and the social network activity of scouters, the Association can do a little more fundraising from the general public at that time to provide additional compensation to said attorney/firm, but as described, little to no extra should be needed.
The main point to fully understand is that it is far, far, far more powerful to just properly challenge and fix the Boy Scouts of America back to its true and lawful previous traditions and standards, solving the entire national problem for everyone, everywhere, let alone that only needing a mere several hundred or so people up front, and only with a mere several thousand dollars or so, is obviously far, far, far cheaper (and far, far faster...) than trying to get literally tens of thousands of people to each spend probably hundreds of dollars (apiece) and probably hundreds of hours each, just to get a minor, relatively unnoticed, fledgling new replacement organization initially off the ground (let alone grow it substantially enough to then begin to attract serious attention from would-be scouters across the entire nation).  Several hundred to maybe one thousand people, at ten bucks apiece, to fix everything, for everyone, relatively fast..., versus finding tens of thousands of people interested enough to *each* gamble a whole lot more money and a whole lot more time, and that only to create a new fledgling organization which may never make a serious dent...
It is a no-brainer, for superior cost-effectiveness, for superior time savings, and for actual feasibility, let alone in far superior repairs of damages.