Blessing Others:

Certain of our litigation involves 'whistleblower' claims over several billions of taxpayer dollars being fraudulently wasted, from which many millions in awarded cuts received, therefore, we intend to tithe shares unto some of the highest quality, most worthwhile charities, faith missions and similar organizations doing good work across America, for American citizens, including all of the below entities.  They each deserve a big reward.

For example, the current suit filed against all U.S. birth rate loss issues (abortion, etc.) involves also terminating all related taxdollar funding, naturally.  Federal whistleblower laws command that 15% to 30% of the prior six years' worth of all such false claims in question be paid in reward.  In this case, the past six years total between $7-9 billion in such false taxpayer fundings, which makes the absolute minimum reward, by law, a little over $1 billion, and the normal, regular award by law of roughly $2 billion.  Being ultra-generous, our settlement offer is only for a paltry 5-10% of what the law already requires, and 90% of that actual settlement is to be divided out in shares amongst the below entities, plus also to various pro-life entities and individuals behind this mission.

In addition, the two nationwide food pantry network entities below, Feeding America and Operation Blessing, are litigation third-party beneficiaries for roughly $3.5 billion worth of new non-perishable food item donations to be made at tens of thousands of participating neighborhood churches across America, blessing millions of the hungry.

In the true spirit of Matthew 6:33 and other relevant scripture, none of the included entities below was informed of their special inclusion onto this list prior to actual filing in federal court.  Instead, each is being freely blessed in surprise recognition of being excellent stewards of resources and performing positive, beneficial work for American families.  Please consider offering your own direct support to them.  They deserve it:

Note:  We reserve the right to make alterations to the above list at any time for good and necessary cause.  However, the list has been finalized and stable for quite a while, with recent exception of removing the Boy Scouts of America for their "vote" decision.

For the past 15+ years, the author has been a constitutional law scholar and litigator, assisting clients in the courts of 30 some States, top to bottom, in some 2/3rds of the nation's 90 federal court Districts, in all 11 of the numbered federal Courts of Appeal, and in the U.S. Supreme Court several times on constitutional issues from either state or federal courts, presently there again on the right to jury trial in real estate disputes.