Please Support Our Efforts:  General + Earmarked Donations

The "Country" lawsuit detailed on this website, over undeniable Economy and Election issues, is actually just the first in a set of three lawsuits, literally as God, Country and Family, and we are looking forward and anxious to file the other two big lawsuits soon.

With your good support, we will also soon win these other important issues, including proving that America has always been, and still is, officially a Christian nation, ending the total perversion of Separation of Church and State, terminating the state's control and regulation over regular neighborhood churches, ceasing the discrimination against teaching Creationism and Intelligent Design within our public schools, and such other issues of religion, plus fixing other structural problems within our federal government, and stopping government out of its attempts to micromanage every family in America, when much of those "family" programs in America are actually destroying The Family.

The costs for this "Country" suit have come to approximately five thousand dollars, all told, for everything so far, but there will also be some future expenses for this lawsuit, sooner or later.  We estimate about $3600 is needed for initial costs in preparing and filing the next suit, the "Family" suit, and with your help, that could be done and filed within 30 days after meeting that financial goal.  The "God" lawsuit to restore America back to its Christian heritage, foundation, framework and function, is a very involved undertaking, with several expensive sets of evidence to prepare in advance, different expert witnesses from several fields to bring on board prior to filing the case in court, and other related items to setup, so our current estimate is needing roughly $20-30k.

In addition to the planned triplet of God, Country, and Family lawsuits above, recent developments have created separate needs to address legal issues concerning the Boy Scouts of America, and the United States Supreme Court, for each their own reasons, so if you want to earmark your donation specifically to one of those just add your note within the online transaction process, and your amount will be certainly so earmarked.

If these efforts bless you, please consider returning that blessing in whatever amount your heart is prompted.  Thank you, and prayers are certainly always welcome, too :)

There are three ways to give a supporting donation:  (1) use the PayPal service and so then send your donation to the email address of "indianacrc(at)";  (2) physically mail your donation to the name and address found at the end of every court filing for the Plaintiffs on the Court Docs page;  or, (3), please use the PitchIn flash widget that is visible just below this line as a medium-sized wide box with blue frame:

For the past 15+ years, the author has been a constitutional law scholar and litigator, assisting clients in the courts of 30 some States, top to bottom, in some 2/3rds of the nation's 90 federal court Districts, in all 11 of the numbered federal Courts of Appeal, and in the U.S. Supreme Court several times on constitutional issues from either state or federal courts, presently there again on the right to jury trial in real estate disputes.