Immigration "Fix": Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Let's be candidly clear:  IF our government would bother to actually enforce even half of the overly-numerous laws that it enacts (usually for purely political posturing for the next elections...), then we wouldn't even have half of the big problems that we have...

The exact, same political LIES about "reforming" immigration parameters were already used back in 1986.  Once again, the government has no intention of actually fixing or enforcing anything.  Exhibit A: the "11 million" figure used by all media and politicians for estimating all illegal aliens within America is still the same figure after many years.

Indeed, the title line at top should, in fact, read something like: "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me seven to eight times in a row, please commit me immediately into the nearest mental health facility."  Hello?  Are you awake???  Congress is lying again.

Look, if the U.S. Congress really wanted to fix the immigration issue, they wouldn't be trying to do it again with yet another impossibly-myriad set of enforcement laws, they would be providing and implementing economic solutions, as that is the real problem.

The vast majority of illegal aliens within the United States certainly come from Central, Latin, and Southern American countries, duh...  But, the REASON they come is simple and straightforward:  their own personal economic situations are desperate enough to even consider breaking laws, sneaking across borders, and committing to lives "under the radar" as best they can, all for just a slightly better standard of life, i.e., an actual hope and future worth more than they might ever have within their own birth nations.

And the United States basically created the immigration problem, itself, by committing three (3) very major, fundamental mistakes over the past century.  First, and starting in 1913, the U.S. led the way for virtually all industrialized nations to begin exiting off precious metals currency bases (changing from gold and silver backed currencies into "fiat money" currencies).  Second, much U.S. manufacturing and importing of various consumable products steadily transformed from being labled as "Made in Mexico" into being labled as "Made in China" instead.  And third, the U.S. began steadily rewarding illegal immigrants, by simply providing amnesty over and over again (see above link), and also by providing them with essentially "free" healthcare, "free" educations, and other "free" financial incentives, with that bill footed by honest U.S. citizen taxpayers, who must also generally pay their own way for these same services and benefits, too.

Most people understand that last one easily:  You just can't keep taking yet more and more away from U.S. taxpayers to reward bad behavior, nor repeatedly forgiving that bad behavior, or the result is simply guaranteed increase in bad behavior, which also never ends.  Likewise, many people can grasp, with maybe just a few more moments in thought process, that the steady transformation of U.S.-backed factories in Mexico, as well as other Central and South America nations, and all of that import trade, into what has become primarily China and Chinese import trade, eventually ravaged most economies of our Central and South American neighbors, leaving tens of thousands of their farms, businesses, and factories without orders to produce and ship, hence also generating massive unemployment of millions in Central and South American nations, which causes some of those millions to strongly consider uprooting and sneaking into the United States.  By the way, this was the primary cause for explosion in illicit drug production and trade over the past three or four decades - because of those affected who choose to stay in their own country at any cost, some of those choose to engage into the lucrative drug trade, because they are desperate to produce something that Americans will consume...  You see, Made in China is not better than Made in Mexico, because even though the Chinese worker may currently work for lesser Dollar wages, America will still be subsidizing the Mexican workers, one way or another, regardless, let alone considering the additional negatives, like more immigration and drug trade, that come from throwing our money at a godless Communist nation instead of doing most of our trade business with our Catholic friends to the South (and with Canada).

Most people, however, do not initially understand how that first major U.S. mistake largely set the future stage for all of the other problems described above.  The very biggest hit that both Central and South America took was with the rapid succession amongst industrialized nations around the world (foolishly) exiting their gold+silver currency bases during the first half of the 20th Century (surrounding the two World Wars) and changing into "fiat money" currencies.  Central and South America were clearly the world's best resource of silver for the entire previous few hundred years, ever since the Spanish and Portuguese Conquistadors brought that trade to Europe.

Even today, a full century after the 1913 sudden global exodus from precious metals currencies, i.e., when silver and gold are no longer even used to constantly build up the accounts of each nation around the world, four particular nations in Central and South America still dominate over 46.5% of the entire world's annual production of silver, but that used to be much higher percentage dominance, when gold and silver were still used as the world's real money system...  By the way, this sudden exodus from precious metals happened in 1913-1914 because it was directly related to your given nation's fiscal ability to purchase massive amounts of war munitions, supplies, equipment and weapons, by (dishonestly) leveraging all the future debt of that "fiat" money, in order to sell their future wealth to the global banksters for massive loans received in the present, pretty much the same as what happened between Jacob and Esau, i.e., that birthright-selling recorded in the Bible, if you're paying any attention.

Anyway, Central and South America contain half the world's silver reserves, and the latter also holds lots of gold to mine and refine, too.  There wasn't any immigration problem when silver and gold backed the world's currencies, because those lucrative industries also spill off into all sorts of feeder businesses directly, and indirectly, and all of that flow of wealth breathes income into everything else surrounding it as well.

The point is that if Congress was actually serious about "reforming" immigration, it would pass laws repairing the economic causes, i.e., rephasing our Dollar back onto precious metals for the currency base, as the federal lawsuit on this website seeks, repairing laws and policies to turn American business trade interests back to Central and South American countries, stop handing out amnesty, and stop rewarding illegal immigration with constantly increasing financial "freebie" incentives we can't afford.

Face the reality and truth: Congress is lying about the current eighth (8th!) round of immigration "reform" because it has absolutely no intention of fixing anything.  These current circus efforts are all about mainly two totally different goals, including political jockeying for romancing the Hispanic vote ahead of the 2014 elections, and to create (and to waste more money upon) yet another snooping database to spy 24/7 on the common citizenry (this time, the new addition to control personal lives is "E-Verify").

While the current "immigration reform" bills do nothing to actually fix the root issues (economic problems) of immigration over-abundance, fortunately the given "winning" Congressional bill version, if "passed" into law, would likely be flatly unconstitutional, for one of the same reasons that our federal lawsuit proves that ObamaCare is flatly unconstitutional.  See the summary for Argument 3 on our ObamaCare Void page, keeping in mind these current immigration "reform" bills are all 1500+ pages long...

For the past 15+ years, the author has been a constitutional law scholar and litigator, assisting clients in the courts of 30 some States, top to bottom, in some 2/3rds of the nation's 90 federal court Districts, in all 11 of the numbered federal Courts of Appeal, and in the U.S. Supreme Court several times on constitutional issues from either state or federal courts, presently there again on the right to jury trial in real estate disputes.