Five Gamechanger Reasons Why ObamaCare Is 100% Void

A federal lawsuit was filed against ObamaCare for being procedurally void, completely unconstitutional in the first place, long before any court battles began.  In the lawsuit, ObamaCare is exposed for soon costing America over $300 billion/year in direct taxes once fully implemented, easily defeating its own supposed purpose in "saving" money.

Frankly, ObamaCare is such an utter mockery of law, that it is ridiculous, easy to slam by real law.  See our full-blown Petition, which raises these five (5) legal challenges:

#1 - It is void for attempting to implement a direct program of Communism.

By taking over the entire health care industry, i.e., the full "means of production" and "distribution of goods" for all things involved within the health care industry, and then also using tax schemes to "redistribute wealth" from some to others, within this same process, ObamaCare has unlawfully attempted to implement both of the two primary tenets of Communism.  Moreover, both RomneyCare and ObamaCare were "handled" by Communist sympathesizers, notably including key influencer John E. McDonough, former Chair within the Democratic Socialists (American Communists) political party.

Fortunately, the McCarthy-era Congress left us with federal laws still on the books to specifically prohibit all such acts of Communism, and therefore ObamaCare was fully prohibited by law from ever existing, in the first place.  It is absolutely, entirely void.

#2 - It is void for lacking valid parliamentary voting within the U.S. Senate.

There were not an actual 60 constitutionally-valid Senators in various "supermajority" parliamentary voting processes for ObamaCare, legally speaking.  Article 1, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution prohibits any and all courts from *ever* getting involved with ANY elections of federal Congress.  For example, "Senator" Franken (D-MN), who was declared - by a judicial court - as the ostensible "winner" of that tight election race, is not and never was valid, because no court can ever get involved with these elections.

The Constitution specifically reserves this power (i.e., to "be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members") to only Congress, itself.  In fact, there are quite a few sitting "Senators" and "Representatives" in our federal Congress who, themselves, are likewise not constitutionally-valid, due to their own tight election race and some judicial court getting involved to (unconstitutionally) decide.  Because there was not an actually valid 60 Senators, with 60 actually valid votes, ObamaCare is void.

#3 - It is void in attempting an unlawful Taxation Without Representation.

Remember Nancy Pelosi's famous speech line, in that Members of Congress must pass ObamaCare first, to see what's in it later?  But that's just it - no form of Congressional legislation is valid, whatsoever, if Congress didn't even bother to read the dang thing, first.  That is expressly an act of taxation without meaningful representation, or simply put, Taxation Without Representation.  Because the 2700+ pages of ObamaCare were never even read by Members of Congress before voting upon it, it is absolutely void for being an unlawful act of Taxation Without Representation.  ObamaCare is entirely void.

#4 - It is void for not having a true and valid Presidential signature affixed.

Forget the endless birth certificate circus nonsense.  Because, in his earlier life, Barack Obama’s any prior higher level of U.S. citizenship, if any he actually had, was *twice* forfeited away and lost forever, the only possible form of U.S. citizenship he could even remotely have now is mere “naturalized” status, AT BEST, which is the lowest of the three (3) levels [natural born, native born, naturalized].  Having forfeited all claim to the required “natural born” level of U.S. citizenship, forever (twice), he was never eligible, he is not a valid President, and his signature upon ObamaCare is utterly void.

#5 - ALL of the previous ObamaCare cases are void for lack of proper parties.

All other prior cases filed against ObamaCare sued the wrong parties.  Sebelius, HHS, Geithner, the Treasury, the IRS, and such similar units, are all enforcement agents of the Executive Branch, but federal law absolutely requires that ALL challenges to "the constitutionality of any act by Congress" (which is our Legislative Branch) "shall" be defended in court solely by Congress, itself.  The Senate has its own General Counsel, as does the House, also.  Federal law mandated that all these prior ObamaCare cases, in challenging its constitutionality, sue the proper party, i.e., Congress, the Legislative Branch.  In fact, the parallel federal laws expressly prohibit the DOJ from having ever defended these ObamaCare cases.  The ONLY proper parties to be sued by plaintiffs in these prior ObamaCare cases were the Senate and the House.  Without proper parties, all of these court battles over ObamaCare are absolutely void, top to bottom.. all void.

Besides exposing all these attorneys and federal judges, who don't seem to recognize even basic differences between our Executive and Legislative Branches, nor did their homework on the parallel requirements of express federal laws, ALL of these previous cases filed against ObamaCare are absolutely null and void for lack of proper parties, which happens to allow all prior plaintiffs to have another swing at bat, if they want...

Spread The Word - Far And Wide!!!

We've also proven Obama cannot be a valid President, slam-dunked an end to all abortion-on-demand, plus a couple other biggies, with equally hard-hitting legal force in those respective filings of this big case, and, after months of legal proceedings, and with ALL of the Defendants way too scared to even answer or defend (except for mere Appearances of defense counsel filed), the federal court was shocked by the real law, i.e., trapped between a rock and a hard place, stone cold turkey exposed... and so the federal judge actually fabricated fictitious papers, trying to bury this case into silence.

But, making up and then also "granting" a completely falsified "motion to dismiss" that never existed at all simply won't work in the now-pending appeals process.  In fact, it was a blatant act of high treason, more than enough for impeachment and removal...

Will you help spread the word?  If enough truth-loving Americans learn of these simple things, it will finally be all over for Obama and his entire history of equally-invalid acts.

Simply repost this webpage, and/or any other pages on this website, out onto all your groups and friends on social networks, the 'Twitterverse' if you Tweet, plus everything else you can do right now - TODAY - to hold Congress accountable, and save America!

For the past 15+ years, the author has been a constitutional law scholar and litigator, assisting clients in the courts of 30 some States, top to bottom, in some 2/3rds of the nation's 90 federal court Districts, in all 11 of the numbered federal Courts of Appeal, and in the U.S. Supreme Court several times on constitutional issues from either state or federal courts, presently there again on the right to jury trial in real estate disputes.