Summary of Lawsuit:


[ECONOMY] -- Finally terminate all U.S. abortion-on-demand;
[ECONOMY] -- Finally terminate the full entirety of ObamaCare;
[ECONOMY] -- Finally transform almost all types of "free" welfare;
[ECONOMY] -- Finally return unto a (modernized) "Gold Standard";
[ELECTION] -- Finally expose the massive vote fraud of 2008/2012;
[ELECTION] -- Finally repair the critical 12th Amendment problem;
[ELECTION] -- Finally remove the Impostor, once and for all; and,
[ELECTION] -- Therefore, also force a "redo" Presidential election;

A class action lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court at Tampa, on the behalf of all fifty (50) States and Commonwealths, demanding the immediate termination of all abortion-on-demand, plus all government-sponsored contraception within America, and to cease all related federal and state taxpayer funding and programs of the same, because four decades in loss of birth rates eventually collapsed our Economy in 2008.

The second half of suit is Breach of Contract against the U.S. Federal Government, for failing almost all of its primary duties under our Founding Documents, because those Founding Documents comprise the all-important contract by the States, to create and "hire" the Federal Government to properly manage our nation's affairs...  Because the Federal Government is wildly in gross breach of that binding contract, the States may now vote to declare Breach of Contract, and temporarily take over to make all repairs.

To satisfy the States' superior legal rights within that all-important contract formed by our Founding Documents (i.e., Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation upgraded to the U.S. Constitution, with the Bill of Rights), the Federal Government is demanded under Breach of Contract to effect repairs in timely manner - including at a minimum all items below.  The States may also demand even more repairs, of course.

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Abortion v. Economy

Planned Parenthood, nine (9) other formally named Defendants, and all abortionists nationwide (Class Defendants), are blamed in fundamentally defrauding America, by using abortion-on-demand to deprive well over 55 million necessary U.S. consumers (1/6 of our consumer base) from existing, hence eventually collapsing our economy in direct manner, let alone the parallel tsunami lurking within the mathematics behind all pension plans, securities derivatives, Social Security and other similar instruments, not to mention the critical losses in ratios of taxpayers paying, workers producing, etc.

Banks, mortgage and other real estate companies were blamed for the 2008 crash, but what they all did, all of them, all combined, is still like but only a single drop of water, compared to the full ocean of mathematically-guaranteed financial devastation caused by abortion.  There is really nothing quite like abortion, if you want to make sure your entire society's economy will crash, sooner or later.  Abortion caused the 2008 crash, by slowly stretching our nation's financial rubberband, further and further and further apart over the years, the ratios getting thinner and thinner, until it all finally snapped.

See our Economic Truth webpage for facts and figures on abortion and the economy, and/or also review our #Gosnell Impact webpage for a particular individual example.

The lawsuit claims for actual 2008 American “bubble crash” civil damages ($14 trillion loss in housing market, $7 trillion losses in personal wealth, and etc.), yet realizes the entire class of defendants only has mere token billions in assets for restitutions to our federal, state and local governments, not even remotely enough to satisfy a judgment.

Therefore, effective immediately, all appropriate federal, state and local governmental units may begin inherently-authorized seizures of all the defendants’ facilities, assets, property, financial accounts, and etc., nationwide, for clear national security reasons, and to secure at least minimal, token compensation of the expected historic judgment.

It is also expected that almost all governors, state legislatures, county commissioners, mayors, and city and town councils will begin quickly issuing their various emergency moratoriums and/or temporary legislative prohibitions against abortion-on-demand, in light of the merits in the newly-filed case, i.e., for national economic security reasons.

The lawsuit recommends that all such physical seizures be conducted by the local area government authorities (county, city, town), and that they be also allowed to keep the majority of all such assets, with some of those facilities and other properties converted for the resulting temporary increases in usage of adoption services across the country.

Several sub-classes of defendants are sued in general conspiracy with the abortionists destroying our economy, including the LGBT crowd (literally "in bed" with abortionists, i.e., on each other's Boards of Directors, and etc.), and such radical progressive liberal politicians, like Obama and several others, who have supported both the abortion and LGBT interplexed processes in falsely undermining the financial bedrocks of our nation.

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New Election, Regardless

There were absolutely ludicrous numbers and amounts and types of fraud committed within both the primary and general elections of both 2008 and 2012.  The sheer total amount of so much fraud, basically everywhere, speaks plainly well for itself.  Simply put, a new election is clearly required, as soon as is humanly and reasonably possible.

Moreover, all modern elections for President and Vice-President, including in 2008 and 2012, are constitutionally void.  The 12th Amendment's express mandate for separate ("distinct") balloting between presidential, and vice-presidential, candidates has never even been remotely obeyed for well over 100 years now.  In other words, the real law is that Palin and Biden were supposed to face each other, via ballots NOT connected to presidential candidates, in separate, head-to-head competition for the Vice-Presidency, and Palin was actually the rightfully-sitting Vice-President (since 30-40% of Democrats are pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage, and so on, let alone the raw power of the female vote).  Likewise, Paul Ryan was supposed to be separately balloted, NOT on the same ballot with Romney.  They can be on the road together if they like, but they cannot be on the same actual ballots.  For example, every citizen had the perfect lawful right to vote in 2008 for any combination of Nader/Palin, or McCain/Biden, or for Barr/Palin, or Baldwin/Biden, or, also for any "regular" combo like McCain/Palin, and so forth and so on, whichever combo they wanted to vote for.  Because all pre-paired ballots directly violate the 12th Amendment, the recent election is absolutely void, and a new election for President and Vice-President - using the mandatory separate balloting - is required.

(see 12th Amendment challenge)

As if not enough already, Obama cannot even possibly, not even remotely, ever be a constitutionally-valid President.  Forget all of the birth certificate/birthplace nonsense, because none of that matters.  In the special case of Obama, who forever forfeited away his any U.S. citizenship, and who actually did that twice in his life, that left him with no U.S. citizenship, i.e., both times he finally returned to America, he had to get processed as an immigrant.  Obama can only be - at the very best possible - a mere "naturalized" citizen, which is the third/bottom tier of U.S. citizenship, nowhere near the required life-maintained "natural born" top tier, hence he cannot even remotely, ever, be eligible as a constitutionally-valid President.  It is 100% legal impossibility.

(see Obama Eligibility challenge)

This is NOT a "birther" case, and Obama is NOT a named party.  Even though we did find and use three federal statutes that expressly provide direct legal "standing" for any "mere" citizen who is eligible to vote for the office of President (too bad for those "birther" attorneys never did their homework properly...), we don't even need that, anyway, because we are actually only directly suing the United States (the Federal Government) from allowing Obama to be President - there is a huge legal difference.

Accordingly, there are multiple constitutional reasons for why the recent election is absolutely and totally void, and why a "redo" election is required, no matter what...

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ObamaCare Absolutely Void

ObamaCare is declared 100% void, for any of four (4) constitutional issues, including: (a) it unlawfully attempts to invoke both primary tenets of Communism; (b) there was never an actually-valid "magic 60" of Democratic Senators during parliamentary voting processes; (c) it is a directly-unlawful act of Taxation Without Representation; and (d), it was never properly signed into law.  Worse yet, all of the previous cases filed against ObamaCare are utterly void for lack of proper parties.  Strict federal statutes mandate that all challenges to the constitutionality of acts by Congress must be defended by the Congress, itself, and by no other party, also expressly prohibiting the DOJ from these kinds of cases.  In other words, federal law mandated that all of the legal challenges to ObamaCare be defended solely by the Legislative Branch, also excluding the Executive Branch therein.  The entire circus of ObamaCare has been an utter mockery of the law.

(see ObamaCare challenge)


Gold Standard, Welfare Fraud

In addition to terminating all taxpayer funding of abortion and contraception, economic relief is sought in two other forms: (a) phasing a modernized "gold standard" back as our U.S. Dollar base, using seven precious metals together as our new currency power within one fiscal year, then adding five rare earth metals in 2016; and (b), initiating an overhaul of all American government welfare and benefit systems nationwide, that not only pays for itself in cleansing out rampant fraud, but also generates over 130 million man-hours in volunteer help at tens of thousands of neighborhood churches across the nation, over $3.5 billion in new non-perishable donations to the Feeding America and Operation Blessing food pantry networks, plus an IRS rebate check in the amount of $500 issued out to every eligible federal taxpayer who participates within the program.

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Welfare v. Infrastructure Jobs

Lastly, the lawsuit insists that America no longer keep throwing away what is now $1.5 trillion in "free" welfare money, benefits, and services, while our nation's infrastructure systems are all crumbling apart.  Yes, that's right, contrary to 2012 media reports of a "mere" $1.03 trillion, our team investigated these matters and located at least slightly over $1.5 trillion in current welfare entitlement spending overall, NOT counting Social Security...  Instead of essentially wasting that entire $1.5 trillion per year, by getting no Return On Investment ("ROI"), whatsoever, the nature of welfare, itself, must now transform into a system of temporary subsidies for re-hiring millions upon millions of workers back into good paying jobs, also rebuilding and modernizing all of our critical infrastructure systems at lightning speed, estimated at within just roughly one decade.

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For the past 15+ years, the author has been a constitutional law scholar and litigator, assisting clients in the courts of 30 some States, top to bottom, in some 2/3rds of the nation's 90 federal court Districts, in all 11 of the numbered federal Courts of Appeal, and in the U.S. Supreme Court several times on constitutional issues from either state or federal courts, presently there again on the right to jury trial in real estate disputes.